Phoenix uses ‘out of the box’ thinking during the planning and development stage to significantly enhance land values. The planning process management is controlled by working with the Planning Consultant and project team. The process with the planning application includes but is not limited to:

  • Co-ordination of design presentation
  • Research relevant cases/appeal decisions
  • Planning policy research along with the Planning Consultant to ensure there are no policy restrictions limiting the planning potential of the site
  • Identification with the local community consultants of statutory consultees and interested parties and negotiations with these parties to minimise objections
  • Assessment of proposals against planning policy
  • Review and co-ordination of other consultants’ findings
  • Attend meetings with the planning department
  • Meet planning committee members via the political lobbyists
  • Co-ordinate the planning, architect and consultant team to ensure the pre-application process maximises the planning potential of the site
  • Review of all consultants submissions to ensure consistency and that they are written in a manner that avoids conflict with planning policy
  • Co-ordination of the planning documentation
  • Attending all negotiations with LPA Officers
  • Day-to-day management of the planning process including dealing with objections raised, responding to LPA feedback, monitoring and progressing application
  • Reviewing the planning officer’s report to committee and working with the planning consultant to make representations at the Planning Committee meeting
  • Discharging all planning conditions in a timely manner to ensure the development can proceed smoothly.

Development Management

Phoenix provides a full and complete development management service, as detailed in the Development Management Agreement entered into with the client in relation to the planning, design, construction and completion of the development. Examples of the services to the client are covered below, but not limited to:

  • Sourcing Development Opportunities
  • Define Project Objectives and Feasibility
  • Debt and Equity Structuring
  • Risk and Reward Analysis
  • Acquisitions Strategies
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Establish Development Management Plan
  • Consultant Identification
  • Assemble Development Team
  • Project Presentations
  • Approvals and Permits
  • Schematic and Design Development
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Financial Diligence, Structuring and Closing
  • Construction Bidding and Contract Negotiations
  • Interior Design
  • In‐house Design and Marketing
  • Manage Construction Documents
  • Manage Consultant Team
  • Secure Contractor and Contract
  • Cost Containment and Change Order Control
  • Close Out and End User Handover
  • Transition Liaison between Owner, Contractor and End User
  • Post Completion Snagging Management
  • Comprehensive after‐sales Service

Investment Management

Phoenix provides a full and complete investment management service, as detailed in the Investment Management Agreement entered into with the client in relation to the investment property. Examples of the services to the client are covered below, but not limited to:

  • Undertake a property consultation within four working days of instruction
  • Suitably advertise the property to maximise the opportunity to obtain a tenant
  • Take action to find a suitable tenant in accordance with guidelines agreed with the owners.
  • To investigate the suitability of the applicant, including verification of their financial status by a credit reference agency.
  • Tenant safety
  • Determine a market rental on the property
  • To draw up a tenancy agreement and specified notices in accordance with the relevant legislation (including the Housing Act).
  • Settling the tenant into the property, notifying relevant authorities and utility suppliers (excluding telephone service provider) of the change of occupancy. 
  • To provide a detailed monthly report or as and when requested by the owner.
  • Prepare a “Schedule of Condition” or a full detailed inventory of the property. 
  • Emergency repairs
  • Insurance claims
  • Tenancy renewals and extension
  • Terminating tenancy agreements
  • Property preparation
  • Tenant checks
  • Rent Collection.To receive and account for rental receipts into the owners’ nominated bank/building society account and send the Landlord electronic rent statements by email unless advised otherwise in writing by the Landlord(s). 
  • Deposit Collection. Phoenix will transfer the deposit to the Deposit Protection Services (DPS) in accordance with the terms of the Deposit Protection Service Deposit Protection Custodial Scheme.
  • Visit the property on a monthly basis or as and when required if the owners instructs Phoenix to arrange a routine visit (including void property visits).

Global Media Buying

Phoenix have been involved in assisting global medial agencies in buying media buying and planning, dedicated to delivering maximum impact. We work across a variety of media on a global level and have over 20 years’ experience in working with international brands. Our specialist teams work with a diverse range of clients in areas including tourism, travel, fashion and many more.
Examples of the services to the clients and agencies are covered below, but not limited to:
  • A Bespoke Service
    We know our clients’ needs inside out.

  • Optimised Campaigns
    We create original, smart, targeted solutions.

  • A Strong Client Relationship
    We build longstanding relationships and work closely with all our clients.

  • Direct Access
    To a hand-picked in-house team with experience and cutting edge expertise on every platform across digital and print

  • Drive
    We are passionate and proud of our work. 

  • Media Buying
    We plan, develop and execute multi-platform campaigns for our clients with a 360 approach to all campaigns.

  • Strategy Planning
    We know how to position a brand correctly within its marketplace. 

  • Communication
    We communicate regularly to strategically plan promotions and highlight opportunities to grow and sustain success.

  • Digital Marketing
    We provide digital marketing services that target the most relevant audiences to help businesses grow online. 

  • Creative Solutions
    We create campaigns that are compelling, dynamic and include a strong and direct call-to-action.